Monday, October 1, 2018

Howard Pressman, CFP®
President’s Message

Did you know that trick-or-treating has its origins in charity? During All-Souls Day parades in England, families would give pastries called soul cakes and later other food and money to poor people in exchange for their prayers for the family’s dead relatives. I never knew this but am not at all surprised to find that money played an important role in shaping this cultural tradition as it has in many others. To me, this is further evidence of the importance of good financial advice and the roles we play in the lives of our clients.

We had quite a few events in September, including our luncheon on the 13th where we had two great speakers. The day started with an ethics presentation from Dan Candura. Dan talked in detail about the changes the CFP Board is making to our Code of Ethics. Simplifying the code and broadening the application of a fiduciary duty are at the heart of the changes. Afterwards, James Head, Esq. of Williams Mullen gave an excellent presentation on Succession Planning and how to assist owners of closely held businesses. What struck me about this presentation was just how many options are available to transfer business assets. Just knowing that some of these exist and who to reach out to will enable us to help our clients realize their goals. 

At the September month’s luncheon, we successfully tested the broadcast of our meeting to a secondary location. Two members of the Board viewed the entire meeting from their office. The major accident on the Beltway the morning of our meeting, served to highlight the value of this initiative. Our hope is to make the meetings more accessible by cutting down on the time required to get to the location. We hope to roll this out to our members very soon and host future meetings in two locations. 

Also in September we had three Allied Professional events, two of which had CEs, the NexGen Day of Service and a MoneyGuide Pro webinar. Wow!

This month’s events include our member lunch on October 11th which features two presentations. Al Chingren with American Century Investments will be talking about Social Security and John Sheehan with Osterweis Capital will be presenting on Managing for Absolute Returns in a Tightening Monetary Environment. Metro Washington Financial Planning Day will be held at UVA’s Falls Church campus on Saturday, October 20th. This is a wonderful opportunity to help others and to really appreciate the power of good financial planning. If you haven’t volunteered for this event, please consider joining us, it’s a great and rewarding day.  Lastly, on the 23rd, NexGen will hold a study group at the offices of SBSB in McLean. I hope to see you at one of these events.

As always, thank you for all that you do for your clients and our profession. 

All the best,
Howard Pressman, CFP®
2018 FPA NCA President