Monday, May 23, 2016

June Symposium: Bridging The Gap from Millennial’s to The Elderly

Bryan D Beatty, CFP® AIF®

Join us for the Spring Symposium on June 9th at the Dulles Hyatt featuring 6 keynote speakers on topics such as Behavioral Finance, What Other Industries Teach Us About Investing, Politics & Legislation, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Fixing Your Fixed Income and Navigating Elder Care and Health Planning Issues.

You may have recognized that your role as a financial advisor and/or CFP financial planner is more than just cash flow analysis, tax strategies and investment portfolio recommendations. Often you have to be a coach, a therapist, a counselor, and a friend. Often you spend more time on all these roles than on your planning and investment advisor roles.

Is your practice set up to handle this type of relationship management? Or are you still just doing the financial tasks like data gathering financial statements, and investment research and portfolio development?

Those are very important functions of your job and they have served you and your client’s interest well. They have gotten them to retirement in some cases, and in other cases they have provided a satisfying retirement with lasting income streams that have funded rewarding goals and family ambitions.

But now the clients are living longer and more are retiring every day and they are not as concerned about the trips and the family reunions and the charitable work they can do. They are really struggling with the psychological impact of retiring and living longer.

Will they be able to get their income to last in such a low interest rate environment safely? Who will help them to stay in their home and maintain their house? Who will be able to drive to them to doctors’ appointments? And help them make medical decisions? Are they able to continue those all-important relationships that help them find value and emotional support? Who will help them manage their day to day financial obligations?

Join us on June 9th for answers on to how to build your practice to evolve with the changing demographics and client needs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

FPA Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill – June 22nd!
Chris Rivers, CFP®

Register today to participate in FPA Advocacy Day on June 22nd.
Deadline to Register:  June 3rd

Join FPA colleagues from across the country in Washington, D.C. for the 3rd Annual FPA Advocacy Day on June 22. This is your opportunity to meet with federal lawmakers who have the ability to influence the financial planning profession and the millions of Americans who depend on the help of professionals like you!

For many years FPA hosted “Financial Planning Day on the Hill,” helping to spread the word about financial planning to congressional staffers on Capitol Hill.   In 2014, the focus changed, and the day on the Hill became FPA Advocacy Day.  The result is a more focused day of meetings advocating on behalf of issues facing the financial planning industry. 
Over the past two years, FPA members engaged in meetings with Representatives, Senators, leaders of the House Financial Services and Senate Banking Committees, and even the White House.  As a result of those meetings, FPA has been able to further engage policymakers who directly impact our profession

The FPA and the financial planning industry in general still have only marginal name recognition on Capitol Hill. It is important that we continue to expand on the momentum we have built over the past two years, particularly given the increased visibility the profession has received during the DOL “fiduciary rule” debate.  With your support and participation, we can build on what we have started, continue to educate lawmakers on what we do and why it’s so important, and make our collective voice resonate throughout our country.

FPA will provide a pre-event networking dinner on June 21st.  The following morning the group will meet for continental breakfast, training (including a discussion of talking points), appointments with the offices of your representatives, and the opportunity to meet and network with your fellow FPA members.