Monday, January 2, 2017

Bryan Beatty, CFP®, AIF®
President’s Message

Happy New Year! Last year was an incredibly unpredictable year. The year started as one of the worse January stock market declines in the history of the market. Then, we had one of the most unconventional political campaigns in most of our lifetimes. All around the world, conventional thinking is being challenged. So, I want to start the year by saying that this year, let’s be unconventional as a chapter.

Let’s get our chapter members engaged by encouraging them more than ever, and showing others how easy it is to get involved with the chapter. “Do One Thing” is a slogan that FPA has been using for a few years now, but what does it really mean? It can mean all kinds of things from becoming a committee volunteer to volunteering to mentor a new planner. It can also be sharing content for our social media presence. Or, it could be becoming an active board member. An idea growing in the association membership community is “Micro” Volunteering. People want to help but they are unsure of the size of the commitment, and so they are reluctant to volunteer because they feel they don’t have the time. But if you are already doing something that you can share with our Public Relations Chair, Sam Boyd, he can tweet about it. He can post a video of you telling about a success that you have enjoyed by helping out a client. This is an idea he has which would feature “Why We Do What We Do”. You can tweet about our symposium using our hashtag to spread the news of the value of the FPA. You can even volunteer to submit blog posts, and for those people who actively blog, this would be easy. I think you get the picture.

In January, please attend our Symposium at the Dulles Hyatt for a full day of CE’s and Ethics, along with great content like Professor Vic Ricciardi, a Behavioral Finance expert, and Andrew Friedman of The Washington Update on the real impact of the changing administration in Washington. What is the impact of the DOL in light of the elections’ outcomes putting Republicans in control of all three branches of government? The Symposium program can be found here.

In February, we will host our very successful Career Day for newly minted CFP’s or CFP hopefuls and career changers. This event gets bigger every year and attracts some of the best talent populating some of the most successful member practices of our chapter.

March will be our Media training event. Are you looking to get into publications and develop the ability to do your own PR for your firm? Then this is a must attend event.

In closing, thank you Dan Lash for a great year as a chapter President and leaving me with a solid foundation.  Additionally, I want to thank board members who have moved on from the board for their service, especially Kathleen Sindell who was instrumental in running many excellent Pro Bono Metro Washington Financial Planning Days and launched a CFP program at The University of MD during her tenure, as well as, Augie Zullo who has served on the board for as long as I can remember, covering 12 years of service. Ken Robinson will be retiring from the Board as our past President and Chair, serving 10 years on the Board, but first he will guide us through a terrific Winter Symposium program offering a multitude of CE and networking opportunities. Lauren Grove moved to San Francisco and will be a Bay Area member now. Lastly, Yusef Abugideiri steps down from his PR role. I hope that they all will stay engaged with our chapter.

I am excited to welcome new members to the board, Shellie Peters, Sam Boyd, Mark Cecchini and Christine Damico. I, and all of our Board Members, look forward to meeting you at our next event.

Best Regards,
Bryan Beatty, CFP®, AIF®
2017 FPA NCA President